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  1. Robert Fronckowiak

    I had an opportunity to speak with the artist about the restoration and to examine before and after pictures. It was difficult for me to fathom that the after pictures were really the removal of dirt and grime and poorly done over-paintings. My mind kept wanting to believe that the figures were freshly over-painted with brighter colors. We will all soon be able to view the painting as it was originally presented. The addition of the gold dome will certainly enhance its beauty.

    As I visit centuries old churches here in Krakow, I am in awe of their beauty and the care with which they have been maintained. The ongoing restoration efforts at Corpus Christi Church will give future generations the same spiritual experience.

    I call on your readers to send a generous check to the Corpus Christi Church Preservation Fund to assist these efforts. This magnificent jewel received from our forefathers is a treasure that must be preserved and handed down to future generations for centuries to come.

    Robert Fronckowiak

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