Angry at the church…

The decline in church attendance is not a Corpus Christi Phenomenon it is a worldwide phenomenon. Also ‘Church Shopping’ or ‘Church flip-flopping’ is another practice unheard of in the past but becoming more common among registered parishioners. Both actions weaken/hurt the parish community and the parishioner. The only way to make a difference in the world or in ones parish is to be involved not uninvolved. The Church is not like MTV or a place where we come to be entertained. It is a place where all kinds of people come to be part of. Why? I’d like to talk about reasons why a person should be part of a parish in a series of homilies that I will give at all 8:15 and 11:30 Masses starting September 12th. We know people who are pissed off with their Pastor; pissed off with the world; pissed off with themselves, connect with us and be part of the solution not the problem

September 12th
Why Church? Reason One: Community As the Good Shepherd, Jesus knew that sheep do best when they’re with other sheep.

September 19th
Why Church? Reason Two: Real People
Hypocrisy in the church is mostly a myth

September 26th
Why Church? Reason Three: Money Matter Yes, the church is always asking for money, and giving it is for our spiritual well-being

October 3rd
Why Church? Reason Four: Mentors Every congregation has two things — a pastor and an opinion about the pastor. There are many reasons (church closings, divorce, scandals, money, people’s lifestyles) why Catholics whom we know do not attend Mass on Sunday. Many feel that the only tool they have is to not attend Mass to hurt the Church, the pastor or a loved one who have hurt them. We like to share with you how we have dealt with these issues…and have become stronger and more active in our parish.

After each of these Masses, I’d like to invite you over to our social hall to talk further how you can bring people back to practicing their faith.

Father Simon Shaner

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  2. Pamela Schupbach says:

    Shame on you for using profanity on a Catholic Church website. I am horribly offended.

  3. Jack Anthony Paul Majewski says:

    The beatings of young children at the former Corpus Christi School, the knealing on the broomsticks in the corner, hitting of knuckles until they bleed with a ruler, and being slapped in the head and knocked down a flight of steps by a nun, all this happened at age seven to me, the bitterness has never left me, and while attending the services at the Church it frequently comes back to me. I am currently a parishioner at Corpus Christi, but a very bitter one. I say again all this happened to me at age 7, I’m now 63. And, Lord have mercy, if I ever meet that nun.

    Jack A. Majewski

  4. Andy Golebiowski says:

    I hope you did listen to Fr. Simon’s Homily and that you stick with the series.
    I found it very worthwhile.
    Andy Golebiowski

  5. Neil says:

    Mr. Majewski,

    I can’t help but ask myself, what kind of child were you at age 7 to deserve all those beatings!? I hope you straightened out your act later in life!!

  6. Pamela Schupbach says:

    If the church is not like MTV, than why does it still say “pissed off”. I miss Father Chalupka. He would NEVER have allowed profanity on the website. He has far more class. As the president of the parish council, Andy, you shouldn’t try to alienate suburban contributors to your parish. My objections are valid and shouldn’t be dismissed.

  7. Pamela Schupbach says:

    Dear Mr. Majewski,
    I’m sorry we live in a world where people (Neil) feel that it is appropriate to blame the victim for physical abuse. Neil’s response was insensitive and highly inappropriate, maybe that’s why he didn’t include his full name.

  8. Rev.Simon Shaner says:

    I diagree with your comment that ‘pissed off’ is profanity it is not. It is a vulgar slang term that people do use. Lay people have been critisized that priest do not relate to people where they are in thier life; well now you have one! In these series of homilies I will be very to the point; Live your Faith today not in the past!

  9. Rev.Simon Shaner says:

    Dear Jack Anthony Paul Majewski,

    Physical and mental abuse by any one is never, never to be tolerated. Those bad examples as I’m sure you have come to understand were not true representatives of the Faith. I think no one who has suffered through those bad examples should ever give up practicing one’s Faith…doing so give so much power to that bad example…so much so that they had the power to take away one’s Faith. The greatest power you have is that you are still practicing your Faith at Corpus Christi with people who need to be around people like you to remind us that we put our Faith in Jesus and never, never in anyone else!

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for practicing your Faith with us!

  10. Rev.Simon Shaner says:

    General Comment
    The only way to change things is to get involved not be uninvolved! I encourage those coming to Corpus Christi to be proud in the fact that you have 2 priests committed to being involved in a parish they believe in! Yes, in the future we will be transferred but the Pauline Fathers will always be here at Corpus Christi. We cannot do it alone! We need your participation! So before throwing the whole Church out with the bath water think about the many graces we have here at Corpus Christi. Let us continue this great legacy which has been handed down to us and never, never surrender it to any scandal, bad priest, nun or lay person!

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