Journey to the manger for Advent and Christmas in 2021

By in this tame an Angel from America to Peru

The season of Advent is quickly approaching in the Catholic Church. Advent is known as a time for preparation in anticipation of the Christ Child Jesus. During Advent, our thoughts may turn to baking Christmas cookies, decorating Christmas trees, gift giving, or thinking about family and friends who will be celebrating the holidays with us in our HOMES. We also dearly reflect on loved ones who have left this earth and been called HOME to the Father! Most importantly, however, should be our preparation to welcome the Christ Child into our HOMES. Advent gives us this opportunity to light the way for Jesus. We should also prepare our spiritual lives. We are given a chance to continue our journey in faith and our journey to the manger where we join Jesus in his meager HOME. How can we prepare? Go to the Sacrament of Confession, attend Mass, participate in Advent offerings happening throughout the Diocese, spend time in prayer, and consider an act of charity. Advent is the time to prepare your HEART and HOME for Joseph and Mary and Jesus!

This year, as I reflect on the celebrations surrounding the YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH, I’m reminded how Joseph was determined to help Mary find a safe place to give birth. He relied on the generosity of others. He accepted the simple lodging offered. It was in the cold, dark stillness of the night, amidst the animals and shepherds, that Jesus was born in poverty. Jesus survived-He became teacher, carpenter, leader, Savior, and King!

This Advent Season, I would like to share a story. Religious Orders work tirelessly throughout the world in some of the poorest and desolate places on earth. The Capuchin Order of Friars Minor in Lima Peru, is one such Order. Lima, Peru, is the fastest growing city in the world. The country struggles with poverty, sickness, and overcrowding and poor living conditions. Covid has impacted this country in South America severely. HOUSING is always a challenge. I befriended Brother Eduardo Gomez who has reached out to me to ask if the loving people of Western New York, would consider donating to the HOUSING NEEDS of a family of five and other very poor families in their Mission Projects. The goal is to improve their “little simple inn.”

As the Herald Angels announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds, let us join Brother Eduardo in announcing to these poor families that their HOMES will be improved and Christmas joy will abound! How can you assist? 18,000 “soles” (Peruvian dollars comparable to $6,000 in American money) Consider being an Angel from America. Sponsor/donor levels listed below.

  • Gift of $1 to $50 you can win the colorful ceramic lama or ceramic angel
  • Gift of $51 to $100 you can win canvas picture or small Nativity Set
  • Gift of $101+ you can win Nativity made from white stone or colorful medium Nativity Shrine

Make your donation to Corpus Christi Church, 199 Clark Street, Buffalo, NY 14212 with the notation on the outside of the envelope, “Angel from America to Peru.” Cash or Check payable to Corpus Christi. A receipt will be given if requested.

Please donate by Tuesday -December 21, 2021. The Raffles will be held on Thursdays, December 23.
The Nativities and Folk Art are handmade and hand painted. A display is in Corpus Christi Church and the pictures show the beautiful art. Faith is a strong aspect of peoples’ lives in Peru and the Artwork is also sold to support the Mission Projects of the Capuchin Order.

For all people who are willing to help the religious Communities of the Pauline Order in Buffalo, NY and the community of the Capuchin Order in Lima, Peru, we say THANK-YOU for being an ANGEL and warming the HEARTS and HOMES of so many this Christmas!

Let us celebrate with the Angels this Christmas and into the New Year 2022!